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ICFP 2017
Sun 3 - Sat 9 September 2017 Oxford, United Kingdom
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A good place to know unexpected research results

Author: Zirun Zhu

… for ICFP, and got a free ticket to all the events there.

In this post, I would … for attending the SRC only, this work comes with a 127-page pdf file including all … was not impressed at all when I heard the work at the venue. The first reason …

Attending ICFP as an Undergraduate Student

Author: Marilyn Sun

… Workshop at the beginning of the week, and was very inspired by all the fascinating … about the function. FARM was also a cool event in which all talks were related … advice. I would highly recommend all who are thinking of attending ICFP, even …

Informal workshop on numerical programming in Haskell

Author: Adam Ścibior

… volunteer duties in another session so I had to leave the talk early.

All in all

Attending my first conference

Author: Steven Cheung

… the resulting program could run 30 times faster than its non-incremental counterpart.

All in all, this conference was a great experience and I enjoyed it very much! …

No Country for Polymaths*

Author: Yisu Remy Wang

… Bell, since he excelled in all fields of the discipline as it existed during his …–1928) in 1905. Thus he obtained perfect invariance of all of Maxwell’s equations … to open up different fields, so people look back at them as the master of all

Improving STM Performance with Transactional Structs

Author: Michael Walker

… /dejafu), a library I wrote for testing concurrent programs, we can see all